Harrisburg, Pa. - Exercising regularly is not always an easy task, but sometimes all it takes is the proper motivation. A class in Harrisburg is helping people stay in step - with a little bit of soul added in.

The Lincoln Elementary School gym transforms into a workout room on Tuesday nights. You won't find treadmills or weights; the ladies are putting their best foot forward to stay in rhythm and in shape.


Welcome to soul line dancing class; line dancing, but to a different beat. Kristal Turner-Childs teaches the steps. "Soul line dancing is ad-libbed movements done to hip hop, contemporary jazz, soul music, contemporary gospel music," she said.

Turner-Childs and her sorority sisters at Delta Sigma Theta came up with the program as an alternative to traditional exercise. The class is now in its third year. About 100 people come out every week to show off their moves.

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