Eye Opening Moment

How many of you remember the movie, “The Color Purple?” Do you remember the line in the movie with Celie and Shug walking through a field of flowers and Shug says, “I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it.?” This line came to mind for me recently. I was caught up in my life. You know how it is…I was too busy for everything but work. Too busy to return phone messages, too tired to go to the gym, too rushed to make my lunch for the week…just too busy. Or so I thought.

My one year old niece had a birthday coming and I wasn’t going to make her birthday party so I wanted to drop off her gifts. I rushed over to see her in between appointments. My plan was to drop off her gift and run to my next appointment. My niece had other plans. She was standing in the doorway upon my arrival. I had been too busy to notice how much she’d grown and how she can pull herself up to stand. I was too busy to remember her smile and her “Gerber baby” laugh. I had forgotten how much she likes to play and be tickled. Most importantly, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed her “Johnson & Johnson’s” baby smell and I how much I enjoyed just playing with her. It took me and hour and a rescheduled appointment to notice “the color purple.”

Have you noticed “the Color Purple today?”



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